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Trick or Treat Halloween Sweets!

Trick or Treat Halloween Sweets!

Halloween is almost here, so get ready to protect yourself from the zombies and ghosts with all you can eat sweets!







Pop Kakery Eye and Marshmallow cakes
These fab treats will make any young flesh eating zombies evening! Nothing will scare their friends more than watching them eat a delicious Pop Kakery eyeball! Or why not use the Marshmallow cake as prizes for your very own Halloween party! With different designs including Spiders and Pumpkins, your party will be the best in town!

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The world’s Largest Gummy Brain!
This amazing Halloween treat would be perfect for a zombie themed party prize! Weighing in at 3lb 4oz your kids can be the brain of all of their friends!
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Get involved with your kids this Halloween! Mix up some of your very own Mummy Cupcakes with soft and fluffy vanilla frosting! And while you wait for them to bake, why not carve the pumpkin together!
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