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What we thought to our Easter taste test!

What we thought to our Easter taste test!

Choosing an Easter egg for members of your family can sometimes be hard and expensive so we’ve tried and tested a selection of Easter eggs that are perfect for everyone! Check out what we enjoyed most! From each category, we’ve picked out favourite eggs that we give top marks to at!

Easter Eggs for Adults

1) Hotel Chocolat – White & Light Extra Thick Egg RRP £27.00 – Top Mark!

This all-white Easter egg, filled with lusciously creamy recipes that pair our high-cocoa white with fruit, nuts and more! If you’re a white chocolate lover, we definitely recommend this. It may be expensive, but it’s well worth the money!

2) Betty’s Milk Chocolate Orange Flavoured Egg RRP £22.50

Handcrafted from Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate this egg is flavoured with fragrant orange oil and decorated with a hand-pipped dark chocolate fern design. This Easter egg is ideal for people who loooove orange chocolate and have style in mind.

3) ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Easter Eggs RRP from £5.00

We love the ASDA Extra Special Belgian Chocolate taster selection of Easter Eggs, a tempting collection of Belgian milk, white and dark chocolate eggs studded with caramel pieces, dried cherries and freeze-dried raspberries.

4) ASDA Extra Special Belgian Dark Chocolate & Cherry Easter Egg RRP £7.00 

The mums in the office also tried the Special Belgian Dark Chocolate & Cherry Easter Egg and what can we say, it was simply delicious! The Easter Egg is completed with cherry flavoured Belgian dark chocolate truffles. If you’re a cherry lover, this Easter egg is the one for you!

5) ASDA Extra Special Belgian White Chocolate & Tangy Raspberry Easter Egg RRP £7.00 - Top Mark!

If you’re a lover of white chocolate you NEED to try this one! Included within the white chocolate are tangy raspberry pieces which gives your taste buds a boost. Priced at just £7.00 and finished with luxurious sweet flavoured truffles this Easter egg is pretty and tasty!

6) ASDA Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Easter Egg RRP £7.00

We also received the Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Easter Egg to test from the ASDA Extra Special range and we adore it! It’s served with rich sea salt caramel flavour truffles, Yum! Priced at £7.00 this egg is definitely worth the money!

7) Cadbury’s Ultimate Daim Egg RRP £12.00

The ultimate luxury egg-Cadbury’s smooth milk thick shelled egg with Diam pieces inclusions and 1 sharing bar inside each presentation box! This egg is a delicious addition to the Cadburys’ range – we give this a 10/10.

8) Dairy Milk Special Easter Egg RRP £8.15

Send the luxuriously delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk large Easter Egg with three delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars!

Easter Eggs for Children

9) Hotel Chocolat - Pen Pals RRP £10

Three farmyard friends are made with hollow white, caramel and 40% milk chocolate. Perfect for children in mind, these farm animals are not only cute but they taste so good! The mums in the office took them home and tested them with their kids and the kids said that they were “yummy”. 

10) Betty’s Milk Chocolate Badger RRP £20.00 - Top Mark!

This is a real Betty’s favourite, the much-loved woodland character is back! Using a delicious Swiss Grand Cru chocolate, each hollow badger is decorated with white and dark chocolate.

11) Hotel Chocolat Egg on Toast RRP 2.00

Rather eat your eggs fried, even on Easter morning? Then tuck into Hotel Chocolate’s mellow 40% milk chocolate lolly! Completed with a white chocolate egg, it’s the perfect present for those who prefer theirs sunny side up! We tried and tested this lolly and we give it a 10/10 for imagination, presentation and tastiness!

12) ASDA Jelly Carrots RRP £1.00 - Top Mark!

Do your little ones prefer sweets to chocolate at Easter? Why not give them the gift of orange flavoured carrot shaped sweets to complete their day?

13) ASDA White Chocolate Lucy the Lamb RRP £4.00

Lucy the Lamb is so adorable! You won’t want to eat her, she’s just so cute. Even though we struggled to eat her, we did try just a little bit. Lucy the Lamb is a hollow white chocolate sheep with milk and dark chocolate decorations. At great value for money, Lucy isn’t worth missing out on!

Family friendly / Easter egg hunts

14) Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Giant Pack RRP £5.69

New for 2018 Cadbury’s bestselling Cadbury Mini Eggs in an extra-large resealable bag with handle. Each Min Eggs gift pouch contains approx. 11 mini bags of Mini Eggs. Wow, that’s a lot of mini eggs!

15) Hotel Chocolat City Bunnies RRP £6.00 - Top Mark!

The ears pricked up in the moment we mentioned a trip to the big city, and now the dapper bunnies are bow-tied and ready to join the rabbit race! Hop along with the mellow, creamy 40% milk chocolate easter gift that would make a perfect easter egg hunt or even just a family friendly gift.

16) Betty’s Hazelnuts and Almond Milk Chocolate Egg RRP £6.50

A nutty, crunchy, chocolatey delight, this distinctively delicious egg features the irresistible pairing of roasted almonds and hazelnuts, embedded within rich Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate and finished with a bronze shimmer. If you love nuts and milk chocolate this is the perfect combo for you!

17) Betty’s White Chocolate Rabbit Egg RRP £10.50

This Easter treat is made from delicious Swiss white chocolate, hand-stippled with milk chocolate and decorated with a white chocolate Easter rabbit and spring flowers. It’s so tasty, adorable and not worth the miss!

18) Cadbury’s Egg Hunt Pack (Box of 8) RRP £56.00

Each gift box contains 14 hollow chocolate eggs individually wrapped in colourful foil and treat-size Mini Eggs pack and some Easter Bunny Minis. It’s just perfect for creating your own Easter egg hunt or taking to an Easter party!

19) Cadbury’s Crème Eggs 5 Pack RRP £2.50

Much loved Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are perfect for diving in as a family at Easter Time. With the soft fondant centre is so delicious and addictive!


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