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Wild Science kits are not only fun but they also encourage children to engage with science and take an avid interest in the topic. Here at we love these kits and that’s why we have created a rundown of our favourites for you below:

Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop £9.99
The Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop encourages children to learn about the science behind different acidity levels through the use of a PH indicator. Once mastered children can create their own coloured lava flow and much more!

Wild Science Blood & Guts Zombie Workshop £9.99
The Wild Science Zombie Workshop allows children to create their own gory special effects. Friends and family will be shocked as children pickle their own zombie eyeball, create slimy bogies, gruesome blood clots and so much more. The kit includes everything needed to truly become a little monster.

Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Workshop £9.99
Learn about the science of elasticity, polymers, energy and motion with this fascinating rocket ball science kit. Create cosmic ray launchers, bouncing collisions and supersonic bouncers. This workshop includes tons of activities and experiments and an easy to follow colour illustrated activity guide shows how it’s done.

Wild Science Bath Bomb Studio £9.99
Girls can discover the science behind the fizz with the Wild Science Bath Bomb Studio. This cool kit includes everything your children will need to make their very own Fizzy Bath Bombs. You can also use this kit together with the Perfume Studio to create your very own scented Bath Bomb. 

Wild Science Perfume Studio £9.99
The Wild Science Perfume Studio allows girls to mix their own heavenly scents and create smells they can show off to their friends. Girls can do this by blending mint, eucalyptus, jasmine and rose ‘top and bottom notes’. Includes 4 perfume bottles and an atomiser to personalise with gems and stickers.

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