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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day is another one of those days when we give and receive gifts from loved ones. But are you still wondering what to get for your other half? Here’s a short list of failsafe items for him!

1. Aftershave: Men have their favourite aftershaves, so why not top up his collection? Or, go one step further and pick him out a new one!

2. Spa Day for Two: Here’s a cheeky one - why not get him a spa day for two? That way, you get a present as well! You’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t take one of his mates…


3. Wallet: A wallet is one of those things that a man will use every single day, so chances are his wallet could be a bit battered by now. There are plenty of wallets out there, so get shopping!

4. Pants and Socks: Men will never, ever complain about having too many pairs of pants and socks, so this one is a complete failsafe and, if you get a pair that you like too, even better!

5. Overnight and Wash Bag: Get rid of his sporty duffle bag and pick him out a nice overnight bag. A matching wash bag wouldn’t go a miss either! We love this Men-ü Valentine's Gift Set, which includes shower gel, moisturiser, shaving cream and more!

6. Booze: Finally, alcohol. We’re sure your man likes a drink, so whether it’s a lager or a whisky, treat him to a bottle of his favourite spirit and this will be sure to go down well!

We’d love to hear if you have any more suggestions - don’t forget to tweet us @UKMumsTV!

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