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Ways to brighten up your garden for the summer

Ways to brighten up your garden for the summer

During the summer you're going to want to relax in your garden and enjoy the sunshine. With this in mind, why not brighten up your garden with some of our top tips?

• A simple yet effective way to add colour to your garden is to place potted plants in different areas for little bursts of colour. Or, if you fancy planting some seeds, why not try brightening up your garden's borders with some colourful flowers?


• Introducing bird houses into your garden makes for a great piece of garden design. You'll also attract birds to your garden if you put feed in the bird houses, an easy way to bring your garden to life!

• If you have the right spaces, hanging baskets are also a great way of adding a pop of colour to your garden. Hang the baskets full of flowers off a pergola or attach hooks to your house or garage for the baskets to hang from. You could even grow vines or climbers, such as clematis, up your pergola to brighten it up.

• Another simple tip is to make sure that the grass is cut and hedges are trimmed back, as this will make your garden look neat and tidy. If you have tall trees, it might be worth cutting down some of the branches to let more sunlight into your garden.

• Finally, colourful water features and outdoor lights will add colour and atmosphere to any garden. Outdoor lights are ideal for the warm summer evenings when you can sit outdoors and bubbling water features will bring a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

We hope we have inspired you to transform your garden ready for the summer! If you have any other tips let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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