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Ways to make the kids’ lunchboxes healthier

Ways to make the kids’ lunchboxes healthier

Making sure your child eats healthily is all part of being a parent. Lunch is a vital part of every child’s school day and getting the correct balance of nutrients and energy is essential for learning and development. Whether your child is fussy or not, here are our tips on how to make your child’s lunchbox healthier.

What to put in the lunchbox:

• Starchy foods - Pasta, potatoes, bread, rice and others
• Protein foods - Meat, fish, eggs, beans and others
• A dairy item -  Could be cheese or yoghurt
• Vegetables, salad or a portion of fruit


Fun snacks to make your child’s lunch healthy:

1. If your child is not so keen on the fruit option why not bake fruity mini muffins and your child won’t know what you’ve been sneaking in them. You could include sultanas, carrot, zucchini, banana or pumpkin in the muffins - these are just some of our favourites!

2. Alternatively, try sandwich stamps for fussy eaters! These stamps imprint images on the bread and will make the sandwiches more appealing and fun for your child.

3. If you don’t fancy any of the above why not try Nature’s Finest fruit pots? Nature’s Finest ensures it only uses fruit picked at the peak of ripeness, locking in all those important vitamins and minerals and ensuring you have one of your 5 a day!

4. Another great idea is using Ryvita Crispbreads to create a fun and healthy alternative to sandwiches. There are loads of great flavours of Ryvita Crispbreads to choose from and you can pair different ingredients with each flavour. You can find loads of great Ryvita recipes here!

Healthy treats:

• Dried apple chips and raisins
• Fruit jelly
• Greek yoghurt with honey
• Dark chocolate buttons
• Berries
• Whole-wheat muffins with chocolate and bananas

Don’t forget the drinks! The best drink to include in a child’s lunchbox is water. Water includes everything your child needs to keep hydrated throughout their school day.

To see the perfect lunch box list for your little ones, check out the Change4Life website.This will tell you all you need to know!

We would love to hear your ideas on how to make a child’s lunchbox healthy and, even better, see pictures of lunchboxes you've created. Tweet us!

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