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Ways to make the school run easier!

Ways to make the school run easier!

The school run can be stressful. Too many kids. Too many bags. TOO MANY THINGS TO REMEMBER! Well Yvolution have shared with us their top tips for surviving the school run in one piece… may the force be with you!

1) Get everything ready the night before – this might seem obvious but we mean seriously EVERYTHING! Uniform clean and set out, backpacks packed, lunch in the fridge, homework complete and shoes at the door!

2) Get up BEFORE the kids – we are sure you can sacrifice 15 minutes of sleep to get yourself ready before battling with them.

3) Keep flannels and toothbrushes downstairs – Save your voice and your legs and get everyone to congregate downstairs for final grooming.

4) Try not to lose your temper – Turns out kids don’t react well to being shouted at. Keep calm and carry on!

5) Get a Strolly! – If you have extra little ones to manage on the school run then a Strolly could just be your saving grace! Just strap your youngest child in and you can push them where you need to go! Head to Mothercare to check out the Strolly range. 

What are your top school run survival tips? Let us know below or over on Facebook or Twitter!

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