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We take a look at the brand new BBC Go Jetters magazine and find out what’s inside the mag!

We take a look at the brand new BBC Go Jetters magazine and find out what’s inside the mag! has teamed up with Immediate Media for two weeks to celebrate the launch of the new BBC Go Jetters Magazine. But what is the mag all about?

BBC Go Jetters is a favourite with the parents. The programme is packed full of educational content, such as spelling, spotting and coding, and not only keeps little ones entertained but educates them at the same time. With a team of best friends that go on amazing adventures to save the most popular landmarks on Earth, these globe-trotting superheroes are also huge fans of a selfie and are led on their missions by a disco-dancing unicorn! That’s why we we’re super excited to find out that Immediate Media have created a magazine based around the adventures of our four favourite superhero travellers.

The first issue sparks the imagination of children from the get-go, with editorial that not only encourages curiosity but also engages children to learn more about geography. Every magazine is full of activities based around the adventures of the four friends, with the first issue gifting children their very own Funky Ubercorn Workbook to get stuck into.

This isn’t the only free gift you receive with the magazine! In issue 1 children will also receive their very own Vroomster launcher toy plus Xuli figure. If this wasn’t enough, little ones will also find a Go Jetters Poster and Sticker Reward Chart inside the mag!

Once we took a look through the mag we soon realised whether kids are floating down the Niagara Falls, trekking through the Sahara Desert or climbing the Eiffel Tower, the magazine boasts strong educational value to all children who read it. Not only this, but the humour from Grandmaster Glitch and incredible facts from from the disco-dancing Ubercorn will keep your children laughing and learning as they flick through every page.

It’s safe to say this is a new favourite for the parents in the office and is the perfect magazine for any little ones ready to go on a globetrotting adventure.

The magazine launches this Wednesday 29th June and will be on-sale every 4-weeks at a usual price of £2.85 (first issue is £2.99 and comes with a bigger gift)

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