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What do you remember of Puppy in my Pocket?

What do you remember of Puppy in my Pocket?

If you were like us then no doubt you loved or had children who loved the 90’s Puppy in my Pocket Toys. But can you remember any of the first Puppies below?


Breed:  Miniature Dachshund

Description: Herman is a smooth-haired Dachshund, just six weeks old. He is looking for a loving home where they won’t call him “Sausage Dog!”




2. Mungo

Breed:  Old English Sheepdog

Description: Mungo is four weeks old and hopes to find a home that will allow him to grow his hair long and shaggy.



3. McRuff

Breed: Scottish Terrier

Description: McRuff, being a Scottish Terrier, says she wants to live in Scotland.  Only seven weeks old, she thinks she is much more intelligent than the other puppies. 


4. Ricky

Breed: Labrador Retriver

Description: Ricky, only four weeks old, was the smallest of a litter of seven puppies.  All his brothers and sisters were black but his mother says even though he is a different colour he is just as beautiful.

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