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What is new to the In My Pocket collection?

What is new to the In My Pocket collection?

 Do you have a little Puppy In My Pocket fan? Here we’re going to give you a rundown of the range including information on two products which are brand NEW!

Puppy In My Pocket is back for a new generation of kids to collect and care for! These soft and pretty puppies look and feel so real!

What’s new?

Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier £4.99

The Puppy in My Pocket Carrier includes two puppies and a collector checklist. Every puppy they collect has its own unique name, breed and personality so they can collect them all! Which two puppies will your little one discover?

Puppy In My Pocket Carrier Accessory Pack - Assortment £7.99

This Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack comes with everything you need for a fun weekend adventure away! The eight piece set comes with two collectable pups and a puppy carrier with a bed and blanket! These miniature pups can always be on the go now!

Some other fabulous toys that are already in the range include:

Puppy In My Pocket Dog Park Playset £19.99 

With the Puppy In My Pocket Dog Park Playset, your children can take their favourite pooches to the park for a special adventure. With two exclusive puppies included, you can take Titus the English Mastiff and Jackson the Labradoodle on the tire swing and see-saw and jump them over the hydrant hurdle. This makes the perfect set for any Puppy In My Pocket fan!

Puppy In My Pocket Clip-On Pouch £9.99 

Now your children can show off their pint-sized pups with the help of the Puppy In My Pocket clip on pouch. Each clip comes with a perfect travel pouch making it possible for your children to show off their collection wherever they go. Each pack comes with five of the cutest puppies and is available in three different colours!

Puppy In My Pocket Blind Bags £2.49 

Puppy In My Pocket Blind Packs are the perfect way for your children to start their collection of cute pups. Each pack is a mystery, but once opened contains a collectable, adorable friend your children are guaranteed to love. With over 100 in the series, including ultra-rare glitter puppies, your children are bound to be excited with each pack opened.

To see the full collection click here 

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