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What makes a great magazine?

What makes a great magazine?

With so many girls magazines available it’s sometimes hard to know which one to pick, but what makes a great magazine? Is it the brands? Is it the activities? Or perhaps the competitions and free gifts are what help you pick?

Mixit magazine is the brand new, multi-character magazine for girls aged 4-9 and we think they’ve got it right! We spoke to editor Penny Rendall to find out what she thinks makes a great magazine for kids, here’s what she has to say…

“Here at DJ Murphy we love writing and producing children’s magazines. It’s what we do!

A good children’s magazine focuses equally on excellent editorial content and really strong design, and, most importantly, encourages children to read.

It will be packed full of fun and engaging things for kids to do, make, colour and complete, just like Mixit is! And, of course, quality free gifts and awesome prizes help, too, because who doesn’t love a freebie!”

What makes you pick a magazine for your kids? Let us know below or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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