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What’s new in the Cicciobello range?

What’s new in the Cicciobello range?

This year top toy company Flair have released a new doll in their Ciccicobello range. Sunny (£29.99) is the newest member of the Cicciobello family and has some very special features.

Like many dolls, Cicciobello sunny has moving eyes and hair as well as being fully articulated, but there’s one thing that makes him unique – the ability to colour change! Take Sunny outside with you this summer and as he is exposed to light, his skin colour will take on a golden tone. Tan lines will appear around his face and eyes and t-shirt, but will magically vanish when taken out of direct sunlight. Sunny even comes with UV accessories for both child and doll to monitor the amount of time they are spending in the sun and let them know when to take a break and find some shade.

Teaching Children about Sun Safety

Although Cicciobello is super fun and a doll that your children are guaranteed to love, he comes with a serious message too and opens up valuable discussions between parent and child about sun safety. Each doll also comes with an informative guide to teach both children and parent about how to prevent sunburn and its ensuing health effects. By following Cicciobello’s rules children can not only have safe fun in the sun but also educate themselves on why sun safety is so important.

Don’t forget about Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy!

If you love the sound of Cicciobello Sunny then also take a look at Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy (£49.99). This doll has special play features your children are guaranteed to love. These include baby first meals and the inevitable tummy grumbles to nappy changing and potty training.

You can find out more about the whole Cicciobello range at

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