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Where are they now? – Celebs

Where are they now? – Celebs

Ever wondered what happened to your favourite celeb? Did they just seem to vanish or did you move on?

We’ve taken a look to see ‘Where are they now?’ and some may just surprise you!

Jake Lloyd
Jake shot to fame when he was 10 years old, playing a young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, but it was to be his last role, as he claimed to be bullied at school after the film came out.
At 26 Jake was recently arrested after a 26 mile car chase. His mother says he has suffered from schizophrenia since he was 19 because of his fame.


Dustin Diamond
Dustin was most famous for his role as Screech in Saved by the Bell, and it’s because of his loveable character, that he couldn’t shake off the image and failed to find other work.
Dustin was arrested on Christmas Day 2014 for stabbing a man. His trial is on-going.

Mischa Barton
The good girl next door portrayed in the OC, was far from the real Mischa, and after battling with eating disorders, drugs and a short visit to a psychiatric unit, Misha’s now on the mend.


Macaulay Culkin
He became a huge success as the lead character in Home Alone, but after a few failed bids to make it as an adult actor and struggling with drug addiction, he is now an artist living in New York!

Melissa Joan Hart
Sabrina the teenage witch was really popular in the 90’s, and Melissa played it so well. Now, Melissa is married with 3 boys and has a boys clothing line which keeps her busy.

Why don’t you search for your favourite celebs when you were younger, and find out ‘where are they now?’

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