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Who’s who, in the fab new kids TV programme, Kazoops!

Who’s who, in the fab new kids TV programme, Kazoops!

The brand new kids’ TV series, Kazoops, has started this week on CBeebies and we have teamed up with the makers of the show to bring you fun features all with a very special Kazoops twist. Kazoops is a really fun show and here at UKMums.TV we see it being a big hit with young children and adults too! So if you want to know all about it, then you can find out all about the main characters here:

Monty: Just like many six year olds: Monty is always staring out of the window and wondering ‘how’ and ‘why’. His inquisitive and creative personality means he never takes anything at face value and he constantly challenges the preconceptions he encounters. In the show, you’ll see Monty close his eyes and say “Just imagine…” before travelling to his imaginary world with Jimmy Jones, his best friend and the family pet pig, where they discover new ways of thinking things through. Monty is an adorable character whose unique take on the world will inspire young and old!

Jimmy Jones: The family’s pet pig, Jimmy Jones, is Monty’s clever and cute best friend. He doesn’t talk but he understands everything said around him and Monty is the only one who can understand his cute oinks!

The rest of the family: Monty’s quirky family includes the disaster-prone Dad, Stan; the practical and level-headed Mum, Violet; his punk-rock skateboarding sister, Jeanie; and Gran, a barmy but cool grandparent with a heart of gold. Just like Monty they all share a love for music, and musical inspiration can be seen throughout the show.

Companions: In Monty’s imaginary worlds he also makes friends with a line-up of animals including Jarvis the Goldfish, Betty the Yeti, Zapper the Robot, Lily the Alien, Otis the Warthog, Floyd the Flamingo, and Suzy the Dinosaur. In his imaginary world his friends are endless and there’s always someone new for viewers to discover.

What we at think:  - It’s safe the say that Kazoops is no ordinary pre-school show and, whilst each and every character is unique and incredibly likable, we believe it will be easy for young viewers to relate to them too. Well done Cheeky Little Media for bringing us a new and incredibly inspirational new TV series for our little ones to enjoy!

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