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Why balance bikes are best

Why balance bikes are best

Your child’s first bike is one of the toys they’ll remember well into adulthood; so many memories will be made as they explore the outdoors on their trusty first bike! However, at UKMums.TV we understand that buying your child’s first bike is a big decision which you want to get right.

Choosing between traditional stabilisers and a balance bike has been much debated in recent years and here at UKMums.TV we are confident that balance bikes are best. Here’s why:

1. Safety: Your number one concern is likely to be your child’s safety; their first bike should be a source of fun and not a dangerous toy which might cause them harm.  On a balance bike, children can quickly put their feet down to stop themselves from falling or crashing, and this also teaches them how to avoid danger.

2. Balance is key: This may sound like we’re stating the obvious but the key skill needed for riding a bike is balance, so it goes without saying that children should master this first. Traditional stabilisers encourage children to pedal before they can balance which in turn delays them from learning. Balance bikes, on the other hand, help children concentrate and become a master of balance first!

3. Independence and confidence: Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your child conquer their bike and confidently zoom off on their own! With balance bikes, there’s no need to coach and explain to your child what to do as the bike encourages them to use their own instinct and skill. Say goodbye to scraped knees, tears and seat-holding!

4. Inspire outdoor play: With their newfound confidence, children will be raring to go and eager to head outdoors on their favourite new bike! What’s great about balance bikes is that they can handle rougher terrain than stabilisers can, and they are also much easier to manoeuvre than tricycles.

5. Skip the training wheels: Once your child has mastered their balance bike, they can then progress straight away to a standard two-wheeled pedal bike. Children who start on a balance bike instead of stabilisers tend to find pedal bikes a walk in the park!

Choosing a balance bike may seem daunting at first as they go against the traditional stabiliser method but overall they keep your kids safer and instil them with the skills they need to ride like a pro! Yvolution have a great range of balance bikes for your kids. Check them out here. 

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