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Why is construction play important to a child’s development?

Why is construction play important to a child’s development?

Every child loves to let their imagination run free. That’s why many children find construction play so entertaining, but exactly what are the benefits of construction play? We asked our expert to shed some light on this topic.

When a child begins to play with a construction set the first thing they will begin to develop is the physical skills needed to manipulate or control the toy they are playing with. As they further their progression with the toy they will begin to plan what they want to create once they gain a vision in their head. This forward planning then teaches them problem solving skills once they face the dilemma of having to take the vision in their mind and make it into a physical creation.

Construction play also teaches children perseverance and patience. Many children may get frustrated at first, when their creations crumble or their ideas do not turn out as planned. After a while they learn to persevere with their construction builds and will eventually achieve the goal they are aiming for. This kind of level of perseverance can be a fantastic skill for them to have when moving later on in life.

Construction toys can also help children understand the value of teamwork when played within a group. Children will soon learn they can perform a task faster and sometimes better when working as part of a team. At first it may be a challenge for some children to cooperate with others, but once they realise how much faster tasks can be done when working as part of a team it should teach them just how effective being a team member can be.

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