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Why is doll play important?

Why is doll play important?

With Cicciobello Sunny currently taking over the site we thought it would be a great idea to ask our child expert why doll play is so important. Here’s what she said below:

Why is doll play important?

Many children learn through play, it is one of the most influential techniques they can use to develop skills they will need in later life. Doll play is no different and helps children develop their cognitive, fine motor and self-help skills.

Leaning to dress themselves

Many young children can struggle to learn how to dress themselves without the help of mum and dad. Doll play can be a great solution to this problem, many children find it easier to grasp dressing themselves after they have learnt to dress their doll. It can be especially helpful when children are trying to tackle large buttons, zips and other parts of clothing they may struggle with.


Similar to learning to dress themselves, children can also stumble when learning how to feed themselves. Using feeding items such as spoons, forks, cups, bottles and more on dolly first can really help them when trying to use them for themselves. If you’re looking for a doll with special feeding features we recommend Ciccicobello Rumbly Tummy, who children can learn to feed and sooth when his tummy starts to rumble.

Language skills

Dolls are also great at teaching children different language skills. A child will pick up the names of different body parts a lot quicker if you have an example in front of them. This goes for the names of different types of clothing too and much more. So why not quiz your children on where the toes are and what a nose is? Having a doll by your side can really aid and improve learning.

Emotional and social skills

Doll play can help children practice nurturing and caring along with helping them to prepare for a sibling that may be on the way. Rocking, feeding and changing a doll all go a long way in helping your children to understand why it’s important to care for others.  Understanding why babies cry and how to care for them will make them a lot more understanding when a baby brother or sister comes and may even encourage them to help out with the newborn family member.

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