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Why is sculpting and modelling so good for young children?

Why is sculpting and modelling so good for young children?

Playing with Plasticine is fun and most young children love it. But have you ever stopped to think about how sculpting and modelling actually helps children to develop control and strength of the muscles in their fingers and hands? Those same muscles which need to be good and strong in order to hold a pencil and write with.

How can Playing with Plasticine help with your child’s development?

Poking and pinching - is great for finger strength.

Rolling - Teaching your child to roll snakes from Plasticine with their hands and to flatten it with a rolling pin engages both the muscles in the hand and in the arm. Rolling a ball involves a different hand action and type of control.

Pressing - Don’t always give your child tools like rolling pins and cutters to work with. It is important for children to also learn to use their hands to flatten and shape, maximising the rehearsal opportunity for co-ordination skills

Cutting - Cutting rolls of Plasticine with a plastic knife or a pair of child safe scissors provides another way to practice using these every day tools.

Constructing - Making objects with Plasticine involves a variety of construction techniques and plenty of opportunity for planning, problem solving and task perseverance. How will I make this balance? How will I attach this leg? That didn’t work, what else can I try?

Creativity - As well as being great for fine motor development, there is limitless potential for imaginative play to be found in a ball of Plasticine!

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