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Why our mums love Sip n Sound!

Why our mums love Sip n Sound!

During our Sip n Sound takeover we’ve been bringing you everything you need to know about GP Flair’s new Sip n Sound farmyard straws.

We love these straws and think they are great fun for children, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our mums had to say:

"The kids love the Sip n Sound straws and they have upped their water drinking thanks to them. They are a great design with animals that appeal to both boys and girls and the sounds they make are very cute. I like the fact that they are dual purpose and can be used as a toy as well as attached to the straw. They are sturdy enough to withstand the threenager twin test and also get the thumbs up fro me thanks to the off switch and the reusability factor. We are all loving our little farm yard collection of straws." - Mummy's Space

"The straws are easy to use and clean which is a must in our house. You can take the straws fully out of the animal unit to wash properly. They also have an on/off switch at the side in case you have had enough oinking and mooing for one day. The straws are made from strong plastic rather than a flimsy throw away material so should last a while. We have tried some straws from Ikea which fit perfectly and also worked in case they chew the original ones." - Mum Dad Plus 4

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