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Why outdoor play is important

Why outdoor play is important

 All of us at UKMums.TV enjoy going outdoors with our little ones and taking part in outdoor play. There are many benefits for children’s development - here are just a few.

• Outdoor play not only allows children to burn off excess energy, but it can also be calming and therefore allows kids to recharge their energy levels.

• Playing outdoors helps children learn to interact not only with the natural world around them, but also with peers they may not be familiar with. Being able to form a strong bond with people their own age will help increase their social skills as they get older and go through school.

• Being in a natural outdoor environment offers more opportunities for creative, free play and will improve a child’s imagination.

• Outdoor play also comes with health benefits. Playing outdoors encourages children to participate in physical activity which is important for a child’s development as it decreases the chance of hazards such as growing problems, bone strength and obesity.

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