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Winter car checklist

Winter car checklist

It’s coming to that time of year when it’s scrapers at the ready as there’s frost, frost, frost in the morning! All the more reason to be extra vigilant about your car’s roadworthiness and to be aware of the dangers as you hit the road. Check out these tips for some helpful advice.
Keep your car in check

You don’t want a breakdown, do you? So it’s important to keep checking your vehicle’s anti-freeze, battery and tyre levels and don’t forget to keep topping up on the screen wash! You’ll need a clear view of what’s ahead on the roads.

Kit your car out for winter

Don’t get caught out if you end up stranded on a roadside. In case things go wrong, it’s important your car is kitted out for winter. You’ll be glad you did, should the worst happen. Make sure you drive with a range of essentials in the car, including a blanket, shovel, de-icer, torch and snacks.

Think ahead

Check radio and TV news broadcasts for the latest travel information for how your planned route could be affected by adverse weather conditions. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Be prepared to change your plans, especially if weather warnings are issued for flooding, fog, high winds, ice and snow.

Adapt your driving

It goes without saying, but when driving on ice and snow you need to remember to brake early if you have to. It’s also important to take extra care when driving, even when it’s particularly sunny as the sun is lower in the sky at this time of year. This causes glare on the windscreen which can lead to accidents on the road.

For more detailed information we recommend checking out the AA, RAC and RoSPA websites.

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