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Winter Nail Varnish Colours

Winter Nail Varnish Colours

If you want to add a burst of colour to your winter outfit, why not try a bottle of nail polish to ensure you stay on trend in the winter season- see below for our top 5 winter nail colour must haves!

1. OPI- “Black Cherry Chutney” (Deliciously dark black- red) Debenhams £25

If you want to achieve the winter look, why not go with Berry Cherry Chutney? This is an award winning colour and doesn’t chip!

2. Chanel- Le Vernis- “Red Dragon” (Vibrant Red- stunning)- Boots £18

If you’re looking for a sharp, crisp, rich and an eye catching polish then “Red Dragon” is the one for you.

3. Revlon Nail Enamel “Radiant”- Boots £6.49

You may find this budget friendly version more appealing to create the perfect ‘Winter Wonderland’ effect- wear Revlon’s “Radiant” Nail Enamel over the top of a white coat to create that magical look.

4. New Look- Pure Colour “Light Grey”- New look £2.99

If you are thinking about applying a quick layer of nail polish before you go out to party, then “Light Grey” from New Look is the perfect nail polish. It’s easy to apply and is quick at drying too! 

5. Rimmel London Glitter Bomb “Bling Thing”- Superdrug £3.99.

Looking for a glitter to top your gorgeous winter nail base coats? Then “Bling Thing” by Rimmel London is the one! The Gold hex glitter topper and holographic stars create a glistening look!

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