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Worst celebrity Hairstyles throughout the 21st Century

Worst celebrity Hairstyles throughout the 21st Century









Most celebrities go for hairstyles to make them look fabulous. However, there are many that don’t and celebs are often always the first people to try out new quirky hairstyles. Now they are not the normal hairstyle you or I would go for, but here at UKMums.tv we love seeing the disasters. Here are our top 6 worst celebrity hairstyles from throughout the years.


1. Nicki Minaj- There is nothing worse than topping a list for your "general" hairstyle, aka, every hairstyle. Nicki Minaj has managed to squeeze in at number 10. While we agree some of Minaj's looks have been hideous, we praise her, for her braveness and attitude.




2) Rihanna – Never afraid of the camera (or scissors) Rihanna topped the list of her “Skrillex” inspired hairstyle. After this unusual hairstyle, Rihanna has returned to her gorgeous full head-of-hair of locks.




3) Miley Cyrus - Miley went for an extreme new do last summer, chopping all of her golden-blonde locks off in favour of a short pixie-style haircut. She also left her warming tones behind and opted for a peroxide blonde shade instead.




4) David Beckham -He's known for being one of the best soccer players in the world and has a very unique style, but this hairstyle will go down in infamy as one of the worst of the century.





5) Robert Pattison- Robert Pattinson’s latest haircut has raised more than a few eyebrows — but he’s not the only male celeb to turn heads with a new hair do.




6) Christina Aguilera - From dreadlocks to afros (and everything in-between), we're surprised Christina's unique hairstyles didn't make this list more than once.



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