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Worst Gifts to Give to your Loved Ones

Worst Gifts to Give to your Loved Ones

Nothing feels worse than giving someone you love a present for Christmas that they don’t like. So, to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve done some investigating here at UKMums.tv and made a list of the worst gifts we’ve received in the past for Christmas!







• Beethoven CD - not quite the same as getting the latest Now That’s What I Call Music CD every year!

• Step Up 4 DVD – we didn’t even know there were that many!

• A whole dead salmon – we definitely wouldn’t recommend this one!

• Campino scented microwaveable heat up slippers – do you think they were trying to tell us something?

• Wiper blades – from the man who couldn’t think of anything better!

• Rubbish DVDs – we all know someone with a bad taste in films!

• Cheap toiletries/washbags – we’ve all been there!

• Pyjamas – if you have to resort to this, we recommend you at least pick some nice ones!

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