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Yvolution - Balance Bike Product Guide

Yvolution - Balance Bike Product Guide

Choosing your child’s first set of wheels can be a tricky decision for parents so here at UKMums.TV we’ve done all the research for you and summarised our favourite Yvolution balance bikes.

Y Velo Jr. Double Wheel Balance Bike RRP £49.99

For children aged 1 ½ +, the Y Velo Junior Balance Bike makes the perfect training bicycle that will help your toddler learn how to steer and balance. In no time they will build the confidence they need and get ready for a more traditional bicycle with pedals.

The great thing about this bike is that no training wheels are required so little ones instantly feel all grown up! It is easy to ride, and children are seated so that their little legs can reach the ground comfortably. To get going, they simply walk to ride and then, eventually, run and cruise. They are also completely in control as the balance bike can be easily slowed down by placing their legs firmly on the ground plus a built-in steering limiter will determine how much they turn. What’s more the adjustable seat and handle bars ensure a perfect fit. As your toddler develops their balance, the third back wheel can be removed and your toddler will be riding a two-wheeler!

Y Velo Single Wheel Balance Bike RRP £49.99

As your child gets older (from 3 years+) they can graduate to the larger 12” single wheel Y Velo Balance Bike which is available in green. With all of the great attributes of the Double Wheel Y Velo Junior, along with padded hand grips, an ergonomically designed seat and shock absorbing wheels, little riders can learn in extra comfort. Once again this great first bike has no training wheels or pedals to contend with, so kids can feel confident as they gain their balance- it’s just sit, ride and go!

Y Velo Twista RRP £69.99

The Y Velo Twista is a clever combination of the single and double balance bikes! In sporty Red the innovative wheel adjustment technology of this 2-in-1 training bike allows it to grow with the child; building their confidence in riding and developing their steering and balance skills. Stage 1 is the ‘Training mode’ and allows the bike’s double rear wheels greater separation to give toddlers extra stability as they learn to balance. As the child gets older and their motor skills advance, parents can easily switch to Stage 2, ‘Balance Bike mode’. Using Yvolution’s “Twist & Click” feature the rear wheels will move closer together, allowing the child to improve their balance skills as they run and cruise. verdict – we love these balance bikes, they’re safe, they’re fun and they’re super cool for the little ones. We give them all 9/10 for innovation, design, affordability and durability!  Learning to ride has never been so much fun – for more information on stockists check out the collection at

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