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Yvolution Product Guide - Y Fliker Scooters

Yvolution Product Guide - Y Fliker Scooters

We at love Yvolution scooters – so much so that the Yvolution Y Fliker LIFT has just won the top award in our Outdoor Toy category.
With Yvolution, scooting is a whole new experience and will certainly be the perfect way to give your child’s Christmas a LIFT  - not to mention encourage them away from the computers and tablets with some  three-wheeled self-propelling action and the promise of their most extreme ride yet!

So let’s take a spin around the range and see what’s in the shops in time for Christmas… 

Y Fliker LIFT - Ages 7+ Available in black/red RRP £99.99

With the Y Fliker LIFT riders can carve, drift, 360 and now,‘pop’ wheelies like never before. Thanks to the scooter’s revolutionary lift technology, all kids need to do is pick up speed, then simply lean back and “Lift” to pop wheelies forward and even sideways!
Like all other Y Fliker Scooters the Y Fliker LIFT is purely kid powered and self-propelling. Using the same motions as downhill skiing, riders only need to move their hips and legs from side to side to get going and keep moving.  This cool ride features an advanced design, steel frame with internal break cables, free-spinning trick handle bar and an angled steering column for more extreme riding stance. Topped off with a twist & fold mechanism for easy transport and storage, scooters don’t come much better!

Y Fliker Air Series (Y Fliker A1 Ages 5+ Available in green and pink £74.99/ Y Fliker A3 – Ages 7+ Available in red and pink RRP £79.99)

The Y Fliker Air is another innovative three-wheeled scooter that’s built for fun! The Y Fliker’s patented technology and caster wheels allow riders to use their own body power to move the scooter for self-propelling fun. The light weight and sleek design means this free-style scooter glides on the pavement with ease.  A quick respond hand brake offers kids increased control and ensures a safe and fun ride to bring both parents and children peace of mind. verdict: We give the Yvolution Fliker series a cool 9/10! They take some getting used to, and hey mums… When the kids are not looking, why not give them a go yourself? 

The Yvolution Y Fliker range can be found in Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide. For more stockists info please check out 

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