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Yvolution Y Glider XL review

Yvolution Y Glider XL review

We sent 5 top bloggers a Yvolution Y Glider XL scooter to play with - and it's safe to say they all loved it! Read what Anna from In the Play Room thought below...

"We’ve used Yvolution’s Y Fliker scooters often over the past few years, so I was really interested to try the Y Glider XL scooter from Yvolution as it’s a brand we’ve grown to trust and expect good things from.

We tried the Yvolution Y Glider XL with T who is 6 years old. This scooter is suitable for kids from age 5+ and is a great first scooter for children who are still getting to grips with scooting, as it’s unique “lean to steer” method makes it easier for them. This method is more natural and developmentally in line with the motor skills of young children.

T has had other scooters in the past, but sometimes found them difficult to use. He has some coordination difficulties so I feel that this Y Glider scooter which has been carefully designed to help develop balance and coordination skills, is much better for him than some of the cheaper character scooters we had been using before.

The Lean to Steer method is also supposed to help develop skills that can be transferred across into riding a bike, and helps develop your child’s vestibular system. Since it’s a patented technology, Yvolution are the only scooter brand who have this.

The scooter is well made and sturdy, and I was really pleased that there is only minimal assembly for it when you take it out of the box – in fact, there’s only one step to put together, so you can have it out of the box and ready to play with in 5 minutes or less.

T is really happy with his new green Yvolution YGlider XL scooter and was excited to ride it straight away. I’m sure we will get lots of use out of this scooter over the summer months, as a fun and easy way to keep the kids active."

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