Canary All in One Security System - £140

RRP: £140.00 | Rating: 9/10
Canary All in One Security System - £140 has been looking into the latest security systems and has recently been sent a Canary All in One Security System for review. Our reviewer Lauren took it home and put it through its paces and here is what she thought:

“I recently received the Canary Security System to review, and was very excited to see what it was all about, as one, I’ve never had a home security system and two, I love a gadget.

“I first noticed how smart this looked. The cool cylindrical camera fits perfectly into my modern home and certainly had people asking “what’s that?” with intrigue rather than disgust.

“The Canary is a security system packed into a single device controlled from any smartphone, and it was definitely easier to set up than I thought. Download the app, connect to your phone using Wi-Fi and the specially provided cable for security and that’s pretty much it (minus a few steps).

“I placed the camera in my living room as it could monitor all entrances as well as my kitchen, which also has a back door. They do recommend more than one camera for a larger house which makes sense, as you would want to cover all entrances. Priced at £159 it sounds like it could become expensive, but in comparison to most home security systems I believe it’s well priced

The Canary in practice

“When you open the app you can view your homepage where you access all of the features. There are three modes: Armed, Disarmed and Privacy. With armed, you receive notifications if there is motion picked up or if there is a change in the atmosphere. You can then view a clip of the activity and decide if you want to sound the siren or make an emergency call. With disarmed, you still receive video clips and moving footage but without the notifications. The clever part is that the app switches between settings as you come and go, recognising anyone who’s linked with camera via the app. You can manually change it too if one of you leaves your phone at home.  Privacy shuts off camera altogether if you know you won’t need it. 

“With Canary you check in any time and see live footage by clicking a button. Plus the camera cleverly also registers temperature, humidity and air quality 24 hours a day so it will be picked up if you have a gas leak or too much carbon dioxide in the air…amazing!

The verdict

“To be honest I’m totally in love with the Canary and love that I can check in on my home whenever I feel like it. I do think that the siren should maybe sound automatically when the device is armed, as you may not always see notifications straight away, but otherwise it’s a brilliant piece of kit!”

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