Casdon Self-Service Supermarket

Rating: 10/10
Casdon Self-Service Supermarket

With the summer holidays in full swing, we thought what better way to keep children entertained than for them to open up their own play shops and kitchens. That’s why we enlisted the help of some of the top bloggers in the country to test out the Casdon Self-Service Supermarket and Electronic Cooker. Take a look at what our reviewers made of the pop up restaurants and shops below:

Mother Geek 

We’ve been enjoying playing with the various Casdon Role Play Sets. This time we were sent one that even Aeryn’s friends were taken with.

The Casdon Self-service Supermarket playset is a lovely, not-so-little set. 

It has been designed such that it replicates the self service tills that you see in supermarkets. The set is packed with features and has a scanner that makes realistic sounds, a chip and pin machine, a coin slot that actually gives back coins and a basket similar to the one you carry in supermarkets.

The best part is that it comes with some great play food which includes fruits, vegetables and loads of branded play food. It also comes with play money.

When we invited Aeryn’s friends over, they were entranced with it and they spent the entire time that they were here, playing with it. It was fun to watch them as they played together like it was an actual shop. More like a corner shop as they were asking each other for a particular product and then sometimes were being offered something as a substitute as it was ‘not available’ in the shop.

We even had the scanner not working at one point and we had to call for assistance! The supervisor solved it in no time by swiping her badge. (that happens to me a lot).

It was interesting to see how they arranged the products on the shelves and how they managed to play together and have so much fun in spite of it being a self service checkout.

I liked the versatility of the product as Aeryn plays with it on her own sometimes and then has Ethan or in this case her friends join her and they all had a lovely time. I have been sucked in to play too and I must admit, I did enjoy getting into the game.

The branded play food comes flat packed as boxes and I love the attention to detail on the brands as they look just like the real thing which makes play so much more fun. I remember when we had bought Aeryn some play food and she didn’t much like it as there was no brands on it. She enjoys playing with the Casdon play food as she is familiar with the brands.

The set itself is quite large and the 3 separate product areas can be dismantled for storage. It is meant to be a realistic set and it SO is.

The bright and colourful designs also make it attractive to children.

The set is priced modestly at £40 and it is really good value for money. I would recommend it any time. 

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