Dreamworks Home Review

Dreamworks Home Review

Our UKMums correspondent Ellie went to the Gala screening of Home. Here is what she thought of the movie…

When the movie started we were immediately introduced to the Boovs, the lovable and quirky stars of Home. While aliens are more often than not portrayed as friendly in such animations, the Boov are more intriguing and unique than other alien characters in recent animated films.

Boov characteristics empower children’s intuitions, purple by default the Boov change colour dependent on their mood. Not all mood colours are explicitly explained in the film leaving this job to the young viewers allowing them to be creative and imaginative.

There is a whimsical feel throughout the film with the Boov flying around insoup-bubble like pods and having the ability to move the entire human race safely to Australia in a matter of hours. This is exciting for young viewers and appeals to the interest in magic and fantasy often present in children. There will be no nightmares after watching this as even the bad guys the Gorg seem to come up good in the end.

The story line is great, simple and easy to follow with a few grown-up lines that are amusing to older viewers and parents. The friendship that sparks between lead character Oh and Tip (played by Rihanna) is endearing and heart-warming too. 

There are plenty of life lessons that crop up throughout such as “don’t judge a book by its cover”, “it’s okay to be vulnerable” and “mistakes make your normal”, but these aren’t too in your face or cliché. Tip sets a positive example for female viewers and Rihanna played her second major movie role perfectly showing both strength and vulnerability.

Home dips in and out of happy and sad moments leaving you unsure as to how it will end, keeping even the most restless of children interested. 

I loved this fun animated film, and would encourage you all to go and see what the Boov are all about.

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