Fun day out for all the family at the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Fun day out for all the family at the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham got the chance to visit the National SEA LIFE centre in Birmingham for the opening of their brand new Sea Stars attraction that features an eye-catching array of starfish from across the world’s oceans.

Housed in a range of impressive displays creating an ocean of dazzling stars, giant windows ensure great visibility and my kids really liked the pop up bubbles and peek-a-boo holes in the attraction so that they could get a close up view over these slow moving creatures.

There was even a member of staff on hand to answer any questions about these sea animals. He did tell my children an interesting fact that if a star fish loses an arm this can grow into a new star fish and that the severed arm can also grow back at which point my 6 year old informed him that he knew this due to an episode he had recently watched of Octonauts, who said TV is not educational?

The centre provides a fun day out for everyone to enjoy. Along with the new Sea Stars attraction it is home to 16 displays featuring over 2,000 creatures, including sharks, a rescued Giant Green Sea Turtle, otters, jellyfish, piranha, octopus, rays and an colony of cute Gentoo penguins.

It also has a smart 4D cinema experience where we got to watch a 10 minute clip of Happy Feet in glorious 3D and with extra effects of blowing wind and water sprays. The section of the movie used is of the underwater chase between the main character a dancing penguin and a mean looking leopard seal. Younger children may find this too scary to watch.
The highlight of the visit was by far the incredible underwater Ocean Tunnel, which gives a 360 degree view of the 850,000-litre tank and lets you get inches away from Sharks and includes a stunning Giant Sea Turtle. My children spent a good 20 minutes in there just admiring the creatures as they swam around the tank.

Ticket prices on the day I felt are rather expensive, at over £80 for 4 adults (children over 3 are classed as adults) to save money book your tickets online before you go as this can save up to 40%! They also do a Parent and Toddler ticket which is excellent value (adult plus child up to 5 years old) this can be bought online for just £13.50* (£35 on the day).  For those with children under 3 the good news is that it’s free for them to get in.

Overall its great attraction and worth a visit and since it’s all indoors the unpredictable British weather can’t spoil your trip.
*Ticket restrictions apply visit their website for full details.

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