Mums love Plasticine Softeez too!

Rating: 9/10
Mums love Plasticine Softeez too!

Plasticine Softeez is the new way for children to enjoy Plasticine. The new softer and more malleable compound is great for smaller hands and just like the original, that we all know and love, it never dries out! Importantly Plasticine Softeez also maintains the superior modelling qualities of the classic compound; allowing for extended play and imaginative creativity.

The Softeez range has three great, affordable kits for children to start modelling with. Not only is Plasticine Softeez incredible value for money but it never dries out; so fun can be had again and again!

One of our top bloggers from PODcast and her little monkey POD have been playing with the Plasticine Softeez Cupcake Creations kit and the Plasticine Softeez 150g Bars. Read what they thought below:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s drawing, colouring or sticking, POD thoroughly enjoys creating. She loves modelling too although she does get a little frustrated if it hardens! Thankfully Plasticine has launched a Softeez range which is super easy to mould and doesn’t go hard.

Suitable for kids aged 3-5 years, the Flair Plasticine Softeez range consists of a Plasticine Softeez Tub of Fun (RRP £4.99) which contains 5 sticks of Plasticine Softeez and 2 shape cutters. It comes in an ‘on the move’ tub too so it’s perfect to take on our travels. There’s also a Plasticine Softeez ‘Under the Sea’ kit (RRP £9.99) and a Softeez Cupcake Creations kit (RRP £7.99) available as well as 150g slabs of Plasticine Softeez in various colours (RRP £1.29 each).

PODcast Plasticine collageObviously we had to make a cake first! The Softeez Cupcake Creations kit came with a cake mould, a cutter, a modelling tool, a roller and 9 blocks of Plasticine Softeez. POD decided she wanted the bottom of her cupcake to be pink so we rolled a block of the Plasticine Softeez into a ball and squashed it into the mould. Although we were expecting the Plasticine Softeez to be softer than what we’d used previously, we were quite surprised at how soft it was. It was easy to push completely into the mould and more importantly get out again!

We used a smaller block of yellow for the top which POD rolled out herself. She then used used the cutter for the shape and the modelling tool to discard the leftovers. Initially she wanted red dots on her cake but she changed her mind. The end result was a ‘cake man’ with eyes, a nose, a mouth and hair. She also made a banana – the black being the end and the white being the label. The last thing she made was a pancake which had a blue base, a swirly red inner and spots around it.

Next came the blue sheep which was creating using some of the 150g slabs of Softeez. With the body and head attached, POD gave the sheep some legs before making his wool from little balls of white Softeez. She then made his ears, eyes, mouth and tongue. We laughed a lot making this, partly because our sheep was beginning to look like a turtle although he was rescued thanks to POD’s attention to detail. The photograph below where she has her tongue is her interpretation of the sheep’s expression!

As well as the sheep, POD also made a door and an alien. As you can when you’re five. We returned to the Softeez two days later to discover it was exactly the same as we’d left it. Even POD said “look Mummy it’s the same, it’s still soft”. I think that says it all really doesn’t it. Let the Dove school of modelling commence! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out more Plasticine inspired creations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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