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NickJrCraftmas Reviews!

NickJRCraftmas Post Party Post

Wow, well who of you joined us yesterday for the great NickJrCraftmas party we had with UKMumsTV & Nick JR over on twitter? It was fabulous although I did end up in twitter jail because I tweeted too much. Surely that’s a sign of a good party?

We had an amazing amount of crafts to play with. 8 Different crafts at least and ideas for more so we spent the week having friends around after school each evening and do a craft or three with them. All the kids loved in and I have spent most of my free time photocopying out instructions so they can take it home and give it a go too!

We were supposed to make lots of edibles too but we deviated a couple of times from the plot. Mainly after we saw some incredible Marshmallow snowmen at our school Christmas fair and the boys wanted to do that with theirs. Flexible dreams has the best ideas of marshmallow snowmen. Ours weren’t as neat as hers!

The boys adored making Ben from Ben & Holly hats and one of the fellow mums who hosted the party suggested we used the star garland to make star bunting instead! I’ve passed this round my mummy friends so I suspect they’ll be a lot of Sussex with these fun buntings up and about.

If you want to join in to just grab some shiny card Gold & Silver and cut out some simple star shapes. Make a little hole in the top and string them up together along a mantel piece!

Another of our favourites was the paper chains. Who would ever imagine that such a simple craft would amuse so many children for such a length of time. Muppets Christmas Carol was popped on and the children snuggled up on the floor with blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate. Pure silence for an hour and half while they made a super long paper chain and thoroughly enjoyed themselves with patterns and colours!

And who could imagine how much fun it could be to make your own crackers…..

All I can say is THANK YOU to UKMumsTV & Nick JR for providing hours of fun and crafts that can be used and reused! If you would like to have a go yourself head over to their site now!

For more craft ideas this Christmas, check out Nick Jr.'s Santa Workshop here 

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