Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Large Toys for your little ones

Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Large Toys for your little ones

The pre-school character that we all know and love, Peppa Pig, has stepped into a magical fairytale world and has a brilliant range of new toys to help kids act out her enchanted adventures.

Let’s take a look at some of the larger items that are new this summer…

Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Woodland Playset - £14.99
Children can make up their own Woodland stories with this enchanting two sided fairytale playset. Echoing the themes from the classic tale Hansel and Gretel, this beautiful set includes candy cane lollipop trees, a cookie pathway and a magical cauldron on the inside. It also includes a Richard Rabbit figure who is magical dressed in fairytale attire.

Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Storytime Castle Playset - £19.99
Little ones can make up some fairytale stories with this ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ style castle playset. Watch as George can climb the tall beanstalk and grow his magical beans high up in the clouds. There is portcullis and drawbridge to keep any trolls or giants at bay. 

Once Upon a Time Princess Rose Peppa - £19.99
Now you can join in the singing fun with Princess Rose Peppa; a beautifully soft plush toy who will sing along with you when you hold her hands to create a circuit. Listen as she will sing ‘Ring-a-ring-a-rosey’ but don’t break the circuit as, as soon as you do she’ll stop her musical tune

Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Enchanting Tower - £24.99
Once you open up this enchanting translucent playset, children will be able to create a whole host of stories and adventures from The Princess and the Pea to Snow White. The playset folds out to reveal a bedroom with canopy bed that also folds away for easy storage plus a spinning ‘magical’ mirror that rotates to reveal Princess Peppa.

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