Product Guide to the Sweet Treats from Yummy Nummies

Product Guide to the Sweet Treats from Yummy Nummies

Yummy Nummies is the coolest way to make creative treats in an instant from cookies and doughnuts to cupcakes and gummies!

The Yummy Nummies Candy Shop will let children create delicious candy treats; there are two sets to choose from - Gummy Goodies and the Chocolate Bar Maker and each set includes everything needed to make mini kitchen magic – simply mix, make and enjoy!

The Gummy Goodies Maker creates delicious gummies bursting with cherry, tropical punch and blue raspberry flavours, whilst the Chocolate Bar kit creates creamy milk and white chocolate bars that set in minutes.

With the Yummy Nummies Bakery Treats sets, children can create freshly baked cookies, doughnuts, and cupcakes that are perfect for a treat at home or bakery days with their friends. Kids can ice their doughnuts and add sprinkles, drop in chocolate chips into their cookies or frost their cupcakes with creamy vanilla topping!

There’s even cool accessories such as gold wrappers for your chocolate bars, mini bags to hold your cookie creations and a small plate for the gummies!

All your children have to do is measure the premixed ingredients using the included scoop, mix with water in the included tray then add into the moulds. Once the treats are set they can enjoy their finished creations – the sets even include mini accessories to help serve their treats.

N.B. Yummy Nummies has been created as a food craft, but more than anything it is about the creativity and not designed to be a food replacement for your children. Although it is an edible craft it does not constitute as part of a child’s diet – the creations are tiny and do make for sweet treats but they are not designed for main meals to be made from them.

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