Review of Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner

Rating: 9/10
Review of Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner was recently sent a Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner to review and see just how good a job it would do on our dirty carpets and rugs!  How many of us think that a regular vacuum keeps our carpets clean?  We use a high-power vacuum every other day and so were really keen to see what a difference the cleaner would make to our carpets and rugs.

It was very easy to put together and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  We decided to try the cleaner out on one of our large rugs first, just in case we had any snags using it.  As our grandson spends a great deal of time crawling around on the rug, we used the deep clean mode, along with the Wash & Remove + Antibacterial formula solution which was provided.

We weren’t anticipating having any problems with the cleaner but, just in case we had ‘operator difficulties’ we dragged the rug onto the tiles in the kitchen so that we could clear up easily if we did. 

There are clear level marks to indicate how much warm water and how much solution to add which meant we knew we were using the correct amounts and we didn’t have to faff around measuring out the solution before adding it to the water.  We started from one corner of the rug and moved the cleaner along the edge of the rug to the other end, repeating in accordance with the instructions.  We were amazed when the cleaner began to suck up the dirty water from the rug – how could it have been so dirty?  We repeated the process across the width of the rug until we reached the other side.   We weren’t sure how the water would stay warm until we had finished, but the cleaner features HeatWave Technology which redirects the heat, generated by the motor, up towards the water tank, keeping it at a constant temperature throughout.

Already, the rug was looking more vibrant and cleaner, not the dull, shabby article which has been on our hearth for years.  Yes, it was a bit damp and it did take a little longer to dry out than we thought it would but we know that this, coupled with the small puddles which developed at each end of the rug, was due to our inexpert and quite possibly over-enthusiastic use of the cleaner rather than a problem with the cleaner itself and we’re sure that, with a little more practice, we can avoid this happening in the future.

Cleaning the cleaner itself after use was a little tricky – trying to get all of the grains of dirt out of the cleaner head wasn’t the easiest job and we think it would have been a good idea to include a small brush to help with this. 

Thank you, Bissell – your Proheat 2x Revolution Deep Cleaner did a wonderful job cleaning our rug and we will definitely be using it regularly from now on to make sure it stays clean.  Now for the rest of the house …!

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