See what mums think of new Series 5 Medium Zelfs

See what mums think of new Series 5 Medium Zelfs

Our Mums have been playing with the new series 5 Zelfs, and they love them as much as we do! See what Fiona from Mummy’s Little Stars had to say

“Zelfs by Character Toys are rather cute little figures with wild hair, just waiting to be styled.  They live in a secret garden called Zardenia where they each have their own secret home!  When you purchase a Zelf, each one comes with a few hair accessories to comb and style as you please.

Miss M received Wizzkas, a winged kitten Zelf and Zebbie, a zebra Zelf to try out.
Each Zelf stands at approximately 7cm tall, plus the same again for their hair!  The figures are fully poseable and you can bend their arms and legs, sit or stand them.

They each come with a hair comb, a twirly hair accessory and three hair bands to tie their hair up.  The hair is long and soft and Miss M loved sitting stroking it!  She particularly like Wizzka’s multi coloured hair which comes in purple, light pink and hot pink stripes!
The Zelfs are a great little toy, well made and sturdy, that girls can carry round in their bags to play with out and about.  My daughter also loves standing them on her bedside table and redoing their hairstyles each morning and evening.

Zelf’s would make a great party present for friends, a pocket money toy or a small treat for your child.  Children love collecting things and with a whole range of Zelf’s available and new series coming out regularly there is a wide choice and different characters to suit everyone.”

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