See what Mums think of Plasticine

See what Mums think of Plasticine

It’s true that everybody loves Plasticine. It’s great value for money and can be used over and over again, we asked mums what they thought of it and they love it as much as we do!

Here is what Amanda Walsh Raising the Rainbows had to say

“This weekend we have been having some fun with Plasticine kindly sent to us from Flair, we love Plasticine as it helps develop the children’s motor skills. There are lots of things you can do to improve different areas of coordination. Making balls and rolling in between both palms will develop bilateral coordination. Poking holes into the middle of balls of Plasticine is great for fine motor skills as it is great for getting both hands working together in coordination. Aside from these exercises we love to make models so we got busy making and creating which is great fun.”

“I love it when the children play with Plasticine as it is the only time I get to sit with them and see their ability to concentrate and be creative with their hands. The FunTUBulous went down well with Mr C he liked the little cookie cutter shapes inside. Now Mr C is only 4 but he was easily able to pull chunks of Plasticine off the blocks and mould it how he liked, it has a nice texture and isn't too tough.”

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