See what our mums think of the Bright Eyes Pets

See what our mums think of the Bright Eyes Pets

Every parent wants to encourage their child to adopt a bedtime routine. With the help of the soft interactive Bright Eyes Pets you can do just that. Not only does this electronic friend encourage interactive play in the day but it has a night mode where it falls asleep, leaving your little ones to do the same.

Top Blogger ‘What the Readhead said’ wrote:

‘ LP and Little Man love soft toys but have a real thing for soft toys that are interactive too – ones that make noises or that have a bit more play factor than just a standard stuffed animal. When the Bright Eyes Twinkle the Dog toy turned up at the door I knew that they’d have to share it – both of them loved him instantly.

There are a range of Bright Eyes soft toys and we were sent Twinkle the Dog to review, a really cute and lovable blue and white puppy. He is really soft and cuddly with big bright eyes that are the first thing you notice.
To interact with Twinkle the Dog you pat him on the head to wake him up where he then makes a lot of happy dog noises and his eyes light up, shining brightly and adding to his contented puppy look. If you rub his back he then falls asleep and snores on your lap.
Twinkle the Dog has a night time mode so that he isn’t making noise through the night and he is the perfect companion for a child – through the day and night. LP and Little Man both love him and I know that we’ll have to invest in another Bright Eyes toy to keep them both happy.
If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional soft toy that children will love then the Bright Eyes range would be a great investment – and they even come with batteries included.’

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