See what our Mums think of the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve

See what our Mums think of the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve

Kids can be just like Queen Elsa and magically shoot snow and ice into the world around you with the Magic Snow Sleeve (RRP £29.99)! With this magical glove you can conceal your ice powers until you're ready to 'Let It Go!'

The sleeve features pretty jewel detailing and lace trimming, reflective of Queen Elsa's dress. The icy blue glitter bracelet secures the snow spray in place, concealing it underneath the child’s arm. To activate the magic snow effects simply lift your hand. The Magic Snow Sleeve and bracelet comes with a can of magic snow and a refillable water bottle for endless play. 

Some of our top bloggers have been reviewing the Magic Snow Sleeve from Flair; and here’s what they thought.

When I went to the Toy Fair a few week’s ago, one of the items which caught my eye was Elsa’s magic snow sleeve made by Flair PLC. There was a walking, talking Elsa modelling it and I just knew that Florence would be entranced by it as soon as she saw it.
A pretty blue material sleeve detailed with white snowflakes sits over the arm of the child with a loop going around one finger to ensure it stays in place. Next the plastic part sits over the top with a can of either ‘snow’ (foam) or a bottle of water in place and ready to be shot out. The strap is adjustable and fits both my tiny daughter AND myself so it is good for any age (it’s recommended for ages 5+ and not suitable for under 3’s) and it is also easy for Florence to put it on and off herself.

It’s really easy to use and just by pushing your hand upwards it pushes on the frame which sets the spray of either water or foam off as if Elsa is shooting out her icy blast. This is something Florence’ plays at doing all the time and it’s fabulous that this product produces such a wonderful and realistic projection of Elsa’s powers. Toys like this simply wouldn’t have worked IF they’d been invented when I was little! Frozen’s Magic Elsa Snow Sleeve is priced at £29.99 and comes with one can of magic snow (I don’t know if it is possible to buy extra cans but am finding out and will update my post accordingly) and one refillable water can which is brilliant as obviously buying unlimited cans of snow isn’t very practical. Florence LOVES it and we had a go both inside and out (it is clearly an outdoor toy but it cleaned up very easily inside too)!

Naturally no Elsa sleeve would be complete without a full dress behind it and Florence was sent this gorgeous one from Rubie’s. I won’t lie, I’m a mega fan of Frozen myself and even dressed up as Anna for Florence’s birthday party (Rubie’s also do adult costumes although at the moment not for Frozen) and this costume is utterly beautiful with a full cape at the back and Florence was especially pleased with it! Apparently it’s THE one all her friend’s have and she said it’s best because the sleeves are so pretty! Perfect then to compliment the snow sleeve!

Well we are majorly impressed (we usually are when it comes to Frozen) and both of these items are simply perfect! The best part about the sleeve for me is having the refillable water bottle and for Florence it’s all the sparkles and dramatics!

The sleeve is out just in time for the release of the new short film ‘Frozen Fever’ which will be showing ahead of the new Disney Cinderella movie which is released in the UK on 27th March. I assume we will be at the cinema another record number of times bearing in mind we saw Frozen a total of 5 times after we went to the premiere! Told you we were fans!

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