See what our mums think of the new creative food brand, Yummy Nummies!

See what our mums think of the new creative food brand, Yummy Nummies!

Our mums have been trying out the unique creative craze, Yummy Nummies with their children who have all loved seeing the magic that they can create in their own kitchens.

Yummy Nummies are small and tasty treats that both look and taste like the real thing. Children can create sweet items such as cookies, doughnuts and cupcakes or make meals for their friends such as pizzas or burgers and fries…all from premixed ingredients and water!

We invited 40 of our mums to review this cool new concept that is already taking the world by storm. Here’s what The World of Kitsch thought;

"Yummy Nummies are little kits for kids to make teeny tiny replicas of full size meals. You'll find them soon in the toy aisle starting at £6.99, rather than home baking, as they are for novelty value rather than being designed to replace a meal. And they are a lot of fun. We were sent the cookie and pizza sets to play with, and found them easy, entertaining and quite tasty too.

We started with the cookie kit. Below shows everything that came in the pack. A very big plus is that you don't need to add anything else. Often I've promised to make buns from a kit with Michael, got home and realised the pack requires and egg, or milk and I'm all out. The only things you'll need that aren't in the pack are a pair of scissors, water and a microwave. Again a huge plus is you use a microwave to cook. No wasting energy and money heating the oven to bake six cookies.

You have packets of dough and chocolate chips and a little scoop. The instructions tell you how many scoops of dough powder to put into the little mixing tray (another plus- no bowls to wash up after!) and how many scoops of water.

We separated the dough mix into the baking tray ready for the microwave. Looking at the tray I thought, 'this is never going to work' especially as the cooking time was only 15 seconds in the microwave!

But, they came out like this. One minute to cool then we scooped them out. They were tiny but tasted spot on.  We had enough dough powder left to make three batches.

Next up- mini pizzas!

Again everything is included. You just need scissors, water and a microwave.

Again the instructions are really easy for kids to follow, number of scoops of dough to a number of scoops of water. The pizza 'bases' go in for ten seconds.

Then you measure and mix the sauce, and whizz for a further five seconds, then sprinkle on cheese powder. They are so so tiny, but they do taste like their full size equivalent.

Great fun and an excellent treat toy for your budding baker or chef. The full range of Yummy Nummies will be on and soon. The savoury kits include chicken nuggets, burger and fries and spaghetti & meatballs. Sweet treats are cupcakes, doughnuts, gummy goodies and a chocolate bar maker. 

I think I'd like to try the mini burger and fries. Yummy Nummies are super cute and easy, and not terribly messier either. A big thumbs up from Michael and me!"

To find out more about Yummy Nummies click here

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