The Crystal Zelfs- See why Mums love them!

The Crystal Zelfs- See why Mums love them!

There are 6 new series 5 Crystal Zelfs to collect, and we want them all! Some of our mums have been lucky enough to get their hands on the range.

Here is what Linzi from The Complete Lifestyle thought

“Zelfs have brought out a new range the Crystal Zelfs (Series 5) which are even better and more enjoyable!  Each Zelf now comes with an accessory which is great to spark kids using use their imagination and allows them to create scenes. The accessories are very sturdy and strong so you don’t have to worry about them breaking. The Zelfs come in a wide range of colours and are really vibrant and exciting and are great to collect. These are a must buy, great little additions to the collection.

These Zelfs are great collectables that kids adore, from their wacky hair to their creative bodies. They are great for interactive play as they come with hair bands, a comb and a hair wrap around to keep the Zelfs hair neat and tidy.”

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