The Ugglys Pet Shop – what did our mums think?

The Ugglys Pet Shop – what did our mums think?

The Ugglys Pet shop is a gross new breed of boys’ collectables – we asked some of our top bloggers what they thought of these quirky new creatures and the new Dog Wash Van!

Lilinha Angel is just one of the bloggers who reviewed The Ugglys Pet Shop and here is what she thought;

When I heard about The Ugglys Pet Shop, I was intrigued as they are described as ‘the sickest, rudest and crudest pets yet’. Parents are known for reminding little ones about their manners, however The Uggly Pet Shop is totally the opposite, pets make gross sounds and don’t even apologise!

Little man couldn’t stop giggling while he was playing with the Dirty Dog Wash Van (RRP £19.99), recommended for children from 5 years old. It requires 2 x AA batteries, which are included, so it is ready to play straight out of the box.

The Ugglys Pet Shop is not your usual toy! Little man found the gross sounds hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. As you push the van long, you will hear over 30 different sounds. Once you have been for a ride and found a nice spot, you can park the van and open the back to start looking after dirty dogs. You will find a tub, toilet and weight scales, along with some sickly sounds.

In the wash van, you can sit the dogs down on the toilet and hear some funny noises, check their weight on the ugly scale, and wash them in the tub and hear some gross sounds at the same time.

The Dirty Dog Wash Van comes with an exclusive Slobby Saint Bernard figure, and you can also purchase other figurines separately.
There are 101 collectables Uggly figures in total, they are available in a twin pack for only £2.99 each. Little man was sent two cans, he enjoys playing with Slobby Saint Bernard, Barfing Beagle, Shocker Spaniel and Smelly Shihtzu.

He loved playing with the figures and the van, taking the dogs for a ride and washing them at the back. The van is well made and sturdy, while the figures are as uggly as they are meant to look.

Now that little man has been introduced to The Ugglys Pet Shop, he has already asked me to get other items from the range. He loves the look of the pet store and would love more figures to be added to his collection.

The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van and The Ugglys Pet Shop 2 Figure Pack are available at Character Online. For more information, please check

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