Top bloggers have taken a look at the Wild Science range for

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Top bloggers have taken a look at the Wild Science range for

We asked ET Speaks From Home to take a look at the Wild Science range and it seems as though she loved it, here’s what she had to say:

"This coming Friday, we are celebrating a week of British Science Week events which will kick off on 11th March to 20th March 2016. To help us with a range of science activities, WILD! Science has a range of science kits that are designed with great play value whilst exploring fascinating scientific principles.

Wild Science Bath Bomb Studio

Do you know where the fizz comes from? It’s by mixing bicarbonate and citric acid in water, the acid grabs the sodium and pushes off the carbonate where they fizz as bubbles of carbon dioxide. To make this bath bomb required some trial and error! I tried to make it with my son and we made a few mistakes! Luckily, we still had enough materials to make one very small bath bomb! It was hard work trying to get the right texture and fill it into the mould. Once filled, pack it down with the packing stick and the bath bomb is ready.

You can also use the materials to make a lava using the bicarbonate and citric acid with warm soapy water! wild science bath bomb review

Lip Balm Studio
wild science lip balm studioThis kit uses natural waxes and oils to vary the melting point and hardness of lip balm. It helps children to explore the science of change of state and temperature control. This project required using a microwave and hot water. This was quite an interesting project to do with my children. They were quite amazed to learn how lip balm was made using the oily ingredients.

Magic Nail Studio
wild science magic nail studioYou learn how to mix polish and coloured ink to make nail polish with this kit. This set appealed to both of my children. My son happily mixed the polish while my daughter helped to file, paint my nails and style it with photochromic nail stickers. However, the stickers didn’t work with indoor lighting but does work from the natural UV in daylight. Both my children enjoyed this set especially because they were pampering me!

Rocket Ball Workshop
wild science rocket ballThis kit allows you to make four different sizes of hyperlauncher balls. Filling the moulds with the coloured polymer took us nearly 10 minutes because the moulds are quite small and fiddly. I used a paper plate to catch all the loose coloured polymers that dropped from the moulds. Each ball takes 30 – 60 seconds in the water and then you need to wait for it to dry before you launch it. My son was amazed with the results.

Zombie blood & Guts Workshop
This kit is quite similar to the weird slime workshop. However, this comes with slightly different instructions for making different activities like zombie eyeballs and blood clots. The underlying theory is the same – to use the sodium alginate and calcium chloride solution. This definitely great to use during Halloween party.

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