View the Clangers Toy Collection here!

View the Clangers Toy Collection here!

For small scaled play then the Home Planet Playset £24.99 SRP is where the Clangers action takes place. Here children can make up their own Clangers stories! There are loads of features; - Lift up the dustbin lid and there's a slide down to the Living Cave! Take a look through the movable telescope and take a rest on the swinging hammock. Or, why not explore the bed caves, soup wells with pop up Baby Dragon, and Mother Clanger’s garden? The set comes with a Granny Clanger figure and can be added to with the other figure sets in the collection.

To add to your Clanger’s line up, then there’s the Clangers Collectable Figures packs that are perfect and at just £4.99 SRP make the perfect pocket money treat. There are lots to collect including: Major and Small, Mother and Tiny, the Soup Dragon or favourite Iron Chicken. Or why not collect a whole crowd of Clangers at once with Family Pack of Five Figures at £9.99 SRP.

This is just a taste of what’s coming from the Clangers toy collection from Character Options. And don’t forget there’s much more to discover such as the touch-sensitive, cute Tickle ‘n’ Whistle Tiny at £9.99 SRP and Pop-up Froglets at just £2.99.

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