We review the Motorola Hubble Pet Camera

RRP: £85.00 | Rating: 10/10
We review the Motorola Hubble Pet Camera

In association with National Pet Month, we have been reviewing the Motorola Wi-Fi Pet Video Camera that allows you to monitor your pets from anywhere! We hand it over to one of our testers and here is how she got on:

“This amazing piece of equipment officially has me addicted to checking up on my dog Duke. As he’s on his own for the majority of the day, besides when his walker comes to take him out, I was more than intrigued to see what he gets up too. In reality, it’s not a lot, but you would be surprised at how much comfort you receive at knowing your pet is OK.

The camera is easy to set up and is simply plugged into the mains. Download the Hubble App to your phone or tablet from the App Store for iOS or from the Google Play store for Android and then pair your webcam. It’s that easy!

We set up ours in the living room at the furthest corner of the room so we could see Duke on his favourite spot, the sofa or by the window guarding the garden. What’s brilliant is for any type of movement, you receive a notification to your phone and you can then click on the app and live stream the footage to your phone.

There are several settings within the app that aid you to monitor your pet. There is free sound, motion and temperature notifications, plus in-app video recordings and image snapshots. The arrows on the first setting allow you to pan, tilt and zoom the camera so you can move around the room to find your pet.

The microphone allows you to talk to your pet to make them feel more at home. I only tried this once as the look of sadness and confusion on Duke’s face was too much! You can also play melodies to your pet so they have some comfort and you can also monitor the temperature in the home. There is even infrared night vision so when they move in the night you can see what they get up too – something I loved! 

My fiancée works away with work a lot, so it has really helped him too to see how not only Duke is but me too – once you move past the idea that the camera is actually spying on you…it truly is a comfort to know your pet (who is part of your family) is OK at home.
This camera is worth its weight in gold!


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