We review the Vax Switch!

RRP: £159.99 | Rating: 10/10
We review the Vax Switch!

With so many vacuum brands on the market nowadays, which one to do you choose? Here one of our top mummy bloggers had the chance to review the Vax Air Cordless Switch, take a look at how she got on!

“I’ve always been one to shop around when it comes to vacuum cleaners, my mum had a Dyson, my mother in law had a Henry, so I was already well aware of their cleaning prowess. However with little ones under my feet and a dog shoe sheds everywhere, I needed something that was lightweight, didn’t cause me to trip up on the cord and more importantly…held its suction! Introducing the Vax Air Cordless Switch!

I have never used a Vax before so was eager to use it! The Switch is certainly one of the smallest hoovers I’ve seen and so incredibly light – it weighs only 3.5kg! The Switch doesn’t have a cord, just a lithium battery pack that comes with a charger that you can simply plug into the wall, the charger indicates how much battery life is left with a colour system…the more blue dots there are, the more charge your battery has! Even when it is located in your vacuum, if you push the battery inwards slightly it will tell you how much charge you have, so you will know if you will lose power half way through the lounge!

My absolute favourite item on this vacuum, may be the simplest one, but to me I love it, and that is the light that is located at the head of the vacuum. When you turn on your Switch (using the simple button on the top of the cleaner), a light will come on near the head of the vacuum so you can see exactly what you are hoovering! Loose change, grips, bobbles, screws the lot! I absolutely love this!

What’s more, the Switch also has a hand held included, simply push the button release button on the handle to remove the handheld vacuum and then you’re good to go! This is perfect for the stairs or little nooks and crannies. I used mine on the sofa and curtains! It also features an on/off brush bar so you can switch between carpet and hard floors at the touch of a button – ideal for me as we go from hard floor to carpet so frequently in our home.

To clean the Switch, unclasp the dirt container and pour away, the filter is easily removable so that you can remove the dust and fluff – you should clean it frequently as with any other vacuum so that you have optimum performance. The dirt bag holds up to 0.35L of dirt but as it goes into a clear container you can see when you are ready to empty.

I really couldn’t recommend this vacuum enough, the suction was excellent and never dropped, even if the battery power was low. Due to its lightweight feel, but still powerful suction we actually use this vacuum for cleaning our cars. We have upgraded slightly to the Vax Air Cordless Lift Upright Vacuum Cleaner for in the house and I couldn’t be more pleased with this choice either! Definitely make sure you consider a Vax for your next vacuum! 10/10 from us!”

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