We road tested the BISSELL PowerLifter Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

RRP: £119.99 | Rating: 10/10
We road tested the BISSELL PowerLifter Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This month is National Pet Month on so we have been busy road testing all the best items that help you when it comes to your pets.

Take a look at how one of our mums got along with reviewing the BISSELL PowerLifter Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner below:

“My dog’s hairs are like little darts that embed themselves in everything, the carpet, the sofa, the car, and I’ve always struggled to remove his hair using a vacuum. I always get dirty looks from the car wash services who have to charge me extra for the amount of time it takes to remove his hair and for the fact that they have to use the industrial vacuum!

The vacuums I’ve had in the past, haven’t been pet specific so I was more than happy to accept this review! Compared to my other cleaners, it was quite heavy and a lot larger than was I was used to, however I did like the fast that the clear dirt chamber can obviously take a lot before I need to empty!

The PowerLifter includes a Pet Hair Eraser Tool and a Flexible Pet Crevice Tool to help remove the stubborn hairs – their heads are similar to Velcro and lift the hairs so easily from hard to reach areas or from in your car. I felt the suction on this vacuum was extremely powerful and I loved the fact that you had more than one setting when it came to either being on carpet or hard floor. It has settings for if you have a shag carpet, thinner pile or hard floor and even ones in between so you can have the setting just right. 

The Pet Hair Eraser Tool is designed with a two-way roller to easily pick up pet hair from upholstered services while vacuuming or use for quick pick-ups in between cleaning. The Flexible Pet Crevice Tool, flexes and reaches into tight spaces to pick up hard to reach dirt and pet hair. It converts into a long reach pet cleaning brush and is designed with a row of rubber fingers to easily remove tough embedded pet hair on furniture pet beds and more! There’s even over 10m of cleaning reach with the hose for effortless stair cleaning!

I love to have a clean and tidy house, but as I knew this review was coming i didn’t vacuum for three days…and look and how much dirt and hair was picked up! I’m shocked and feel so unclean! But it must be because the vacuum is so good! I was thoroughly impressed and have not only been converted to a pet specific vacuum but to a BISSELL as well! 10/10 for ease of use, durability and suction!”

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