We take a look at what’s new in the 4M Science collection

We take a look at what’s new in the 4M Science collection

Let’s take a look at some of the great products 4M has to offer…

Balancing Robot Kit

Kids can learn the art of balancing with the Balancing Robot kit that allows them to create a robot acrobat who has the ability to perform gravity defying tricks on a string or a thin pole. Kids can watch their robot whizz along a line suspended in the air and learn how it works with the Earth’s own invisible force - gravity!

Tornado Maker

Stir up a storm with the Tornado Maker that uses a recycled empty bottle to construct a battery operated mini tornado. Create a terrific tornado on your table top and experience the mighty power of this natural phenomenon! If you’re looking for a fun way for your kids to learn about the mechanics of weather then this is the perfect product for you.

Math Magic

Kids can astonish their friends with maths magic tricks! This awesome kit contains over 15 fun maths tricks, games and puzzles which help kids learn how to read minds and astonish their friends with speed calculations. They can amaze their audience with different funny math tricks and play the specially designed maths memo with them!

Magnet Science

This super magnet set contains 10 fun and exciting experiments and games for your kids to try at home. They can make a super powered horse show magnet or a magnet wand, a super magnet racer, yacht compass or a mysterious dangler, and so much more…

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