What did our mums think of BBC Go Jetters Magazine?

What did our mums think of BBC Go Jetters Magazine?

Recently we reviewed the new BBC Go Jetters Magazine from Immediate Media and it’s safe to say we we’re thoroughly impressed.
Based on a team of best friends that go on amazing adventures to save special places; from the Eiffel Tower and Stonehenge, to the Sydney Opera House and beyond! These globetrotting superheroes are also huge fans of a selfie and are led on their missions by a disco-dancing unicorn! What is there not to love?

Some of the most influential and expert bloggers in the country have also taken a look at and given us their thoughts on the new magazine. The magazine launched this wednesday and is on-sale every 4 weeks at £2.75 (launch issue is £2.99 but comes with bumper gift)

Take a look at what Podcast said below:

As well as The Octonauts and brilliant new series Kazoops, POD also loves the adventures of the Go Jetters! Current airing on the CBeebies channel, the series follows Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz as they travel the world. Eagerly led by Ubercorn, a disco grooving unicorn, who presents the four heroes with facts about each of the places they visit.

The Go Jetters consist of Xuli ‘the pilot with the power and the speed’, Kyan’s ‘fantastic when gymnastics is all you need’, Lars ‘making and fixing things super fast with his hands’ and Foz who ‘cracks the answer to Grandmaster Glitch’s plans’. The first issue of this new BBC magazine (out now) includes a figarine of Xuli and a Vroomster launch toy. You just put the car in its launch bay, press the orange button and off it goes! Ours has already been across the kitchen, along the hall and down the stairs!

We love magazines from CBeebies as they’re based on the 7 areas of learning which support early years development. Having reviewed Andy’s Amazing Adventures and The Clangers which are also from CBeebies, Go Jetters provides a similar level of learning. Created for children aged four and up, it’s a great way to teach girls and boys about geography as well as famous landmarks.
Once POD had had an initial look through the magazine, she was back to the centre to have a look at all the stickers. There are lots of sticker pages in the magazine so you can find out more about the characters, see Grandmaster Glitch’s secret lair and discover which animals live near the Niagara Falls.

POD has been to France a few times now and while she’s not visited Paris, reading a story about the Eiffel Tower prompted a discussion around how the French say hello followed by “Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour”. There are funky facts after the story and an Eiffel Tower scene to colour too which POD really enjoyed. Grown-ups can also download the free Blippar app to see the Go Jetters use their Click-Ons to fix the famous French landmark. POD also discovered more about the Niagara Falls including how many people visit, where they are and what kind of animals live there. As a little adventurer herself, it’s great that she’s able to learn more about the world through the Go Jetters.

The Go Jetters magazine from CBeebies is packed with puzzles too from colouring numbers, drawing lines and counting Grimbots with Foz to matching muddled pictures. POD has been learning to read for a little while now so it’s nice she can understand some of the questions herself although it’s great that she says “what do I do here Mummy?” with her pen poised at the ready. There’s a poster and Reward Chart so you can pretend to wear a G.O. Mag and find something metal, head off in the Vroomster or be a team with a grown-up and help out. Other games feature in the magazine with Spot The Difference a personal favourite.

The Ubercorn Workbook is brilliant for learning while having fun. As well as using stickers to label different parts of the Ubercorn and the colour stars around him, there’s counting, labelling, clues to follow, disco moves and funky facts. POD particularly enjoyed the Where in the World section, in which you need to identify places like The Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We’ll no doubt be taking on some of Ubercorn’s groovy moves too plus there is a make it yourself Eiffel Tower and all four Go Jetters! POD is looking forward to drawing her favourite Go Jetter too although she’s undecided on who that should be as Xuli and Foz are both in the running!

The Go Jetters is a superb magazine for children. Certainly for POD, it sparks her inner curiosity and encourages her to ask questions and have discussions about different places. There’s lots of humour too so you know she’s learning but also having fun at the same time which is so important. A great global adventure for little learners!

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